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Department of Civil Servant Development’s Volunteer Service Regular Meeting 2021 Successfully Completed

  The Department of Civil Servant Development of the Taipei City Government held its annual gathering of volunteers at the Department’s B203 classroom on the morning of April 30th, 2021. The communication platform is used to build up friendships and consensus among members. At the gathering, were announced the results of the election for the Captain for the Year, and Commissioner Tom Chou presented the appointment letters to the new Captain and Vice-Captain. Certificates of appreciation were also handed to the resigning Captain, Vice-Captain, honorary consultants and the distinguished volunteers who ranked among the top 5 in terms of the total number of service hours, for their hard work and dedication at the service of the Department.

  In his speech, Commissioner Chou remarked, with a pinch of humor, on how he was about the same age as all the volunteers and was influenced by his diplomatic career and his children. He added that he was also open and willing to learn new things such as rap music, from the younger generation of singers. With his sense of humor, he drew all the volunteers even closer during the gathering. Commissioner Chou sincerely expressed his gratitude to the volunteers present for their dedication in supporting the Department, especially during this two-year-long period of the COVID pandemic. Everyone had greatly contributed to the six main basic functions of the Department: shift, security, library, customer service, accounting and personnel services.

  After thanking and praising the volunteers, Commissioner Chou took a group photo with everyone, reviewed the service achievements of the team in 2020 and announced capability improvement events for 2021, followed by a socializing time with everyone. Hopefully, the volunteer service regular meeting will effectively encourage the team spirit of the Department and fellow volunteers to further contribute and promote the operations of the Department in the future.