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Department of Civil Servant Development of the Taipei City Government introducing the second session of the Trends Forum in 2021 -- “Design Driving Three Innovations" as the innovation strategy actions of the public-private collaboration

  The Taipei City Government (hereinafter referred to as the Government) is committed to creating a tourism concept incorporating the destinations of MaoKong, the gondola there and panda visits, and the idea consolidates the efforts of religions, culture events, local attractions and shopping districts. To improve the aesthetics of public services and establish brand advantages, the Department of Civil Servant Development of the Taipei City Government and the Taiwan Design Center (TDRI) has collaborated in the innovation development of the project (for MaoKong, MaoKong Gondola and pandas) and launched a series of customized design workshops. 26 relevant agencies of the City Government and the local businesses in Wenshan District are invited to participate in the workshops to incorporate design into the public sector, reach a consensus on the project and brainstorm innovative strategies to establish the brand image of the concept.

  In order to improve the learning performance of design and aesthetics thinking being incorporated into the project, the Department of Civil Servant Development introduces the topic "Design Driving Three Innovations" into its second session of the Trends Forum, and organizes an exhibition at the creativity theater of the TDRI on the afternoon of August 31, 2021. The event fully presents the public-private partnership and how it incorporates design thinking into a new public service governance model promoting the project. The exhibition invites Deputy Mayor Shan-Shan Huang, Deputy Secretary-General Te-Chuan Li, Commissioner Tom Chou of the Department, President Chi-Yi Chang of the TDRI, Professor Chen-Yi Sun of National Chengchi University, Chief Strategy Officer Chung-Hung Chiang of U-Theater, chief of Zhinan Village, representatives from the local business districts of MaoKong area and another distinguished guest, and there are more than 300 people registered to watch the online streaming of the event.

  Deputy Secretary-General Te-Chuan Li stated in his introduction that the goals of the Three Innovations project focus on consolidation of resources to gather customers, innovation of tourism to experience value and reinforcement of the brand image of the project. The education and training processes of the project and the joint ideation of local business representatives will reach a consensus in building a learning organization team, and it is expected that the project will lead to a systematic operation after two years.

  Deputy Mayor Shan-Shan Huang also came to the site and offered her cheers to colleagues. She said she was amazed to see how colleagues of the Government tried to have in-depth discussions with the residents about the direction of local development and have obtained great results. Deputy Mayor Huang believes that for Taipei to change, it is important to find the brand identity first, followed by its soul and then the most important part is the public-private sector collaboration. The exhibition shows that the young civil servants of the Government already have a very important foundation, and with them putting in efforts into the project, changes in Taipei are expected. At the same time, Deputy Mayor Huang was very glad that many high-ranking officials from the Government have also participated in the project. She often brings it up to the mayor on how the officials are also learning. Many of them come from the private sector and understand the needs better. This process can serve as an example for the Government to formulate its future policies.

  Seven main topics (zoo services system, MaoKong Gondola services system, MaoKong business district services system, experience economy promotion, human-centered transportation facilities, feature attractions and integrated marketing) introduced their design in the exhibition, and the participants proposed several innovation strategy actions. The priority is to plan a tourism theme that provides the right user journey. Feature attractions and an itinerary offering experience will connect MaoKong Gondola with the tea farms and shopping district in MaoKong, U-Theater, temples and an ecology park to be built at the zoo in the future. The program connects tour operators and offers a trip planner system for independent travelers to serve a variety of travelers. Then there are convenient integrated service facilities such as the improvement of signs, parking information guidance, sharing electric scooters, electric cars and other transportation systems to put the cherry on top of the already convenient and comfortable trips. Finally, effective integrated marketing introduces a series of events and topics and recommendations and incorporates online travel booking platforms to offer mini-tours to the attractions included in the Three Innovations project, which are all recommendations from the participants for this project.

  The event ended with Commissioner Tom Chou of the Department of Civil Servant Development presenting souvenirs to the seven presenters and certificates of completion to participants to express his gratitude. Commissioner Chou said that the mayor is very supportive of the Three Innovations project, and the strong local bond and rich talents and creativity are the main motivations for the mayor to support this project. After listening to the results of the seven different topics, Commissioner Chou believes that content is full of creativity and passion, and he can see that the project will be very successful.

  For the purpose of pandemic control, the event complies with the regulations of the central government and adopts the real-name registration procedures. The event is also streamed l
ive on e-Learning Taipei and YouTube, and more than 650 people from the Government, the central government, and other local government bodies of other cities and counties have viewed the video. The streaming is available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dXgu2HVvR5A