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A modern government should assume full responsibility for offering top-quality services to the citizenry. Faced with global competition and the trend toward an economy based on the most current knowledge, all Taipei City Government civil servants, as the architects of the city's future, should possess a thirst for knowledge in order to achieve excellence in service. By embracing new ideas and new technology, civil servants can achieve a broader vision, offer better service and fulfill the City Government's commitment to the continued improvement of its overall service.


Direction Sign PlateIt is our job to motivate the Taipei City Government civil servants through the utilization of the latest educational and recreational facilities. Our priority is to offer the most accessible and advanced education services. Our staff continuously strives to demonstrate creativity in course design, customer service and the improvement of facilities. By inviting amiable lecturers to deliver courses, we create a pleasant learning environment that encourages participation and interaction. This well-designed, warm environment enables trainees to feel at home and to get the most out of each training session.

Multi-purpose Building

In addition to creating an inspiring, humanistic learning environment, we also insist on offering professional, top-quality, efficient services; by doing so, civil servants, through attending our courses, can greatly enhance their work ethics, vision, management know-how and IT skills. Besides being one of the organizers of courses for the City Government, we also engineer organizational reform within the City Government and explore human resource opportunities for the City Government.