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The Department of Civil Servant Development (DCSD), Taipei City Government, is responsible for all off-the-job training of city government employees. It is one of the best equipped training institutions for civil servants in Taiwan and provides academic education, office skills training, and also serves as a conference venue.


The chronology of the DCSD is as follows:

  • 1967 - Taipei was elevated to the status of special municipality in July. In October, the City Government decided to set up temporary "civil servant training classes" to improve the skills and knowledge of employees.
  • 1971 - The Taipei Public Service Class was set up in January after being ratified by the Executive Yuan.
  • 1979 - In February, it was transformed into the Taipei City Government Employees Training Center and elevated in status to be under the direct control of the Taipei City Government.
  • 1982 - The Center moved to its current location.
  • 1989 - In March, the Organic Statute was revised. The director's position was changed from a concurrent post which was held by the mayor, to the full-time post.
  • 2003 - The Center was renamed the "Taipei Public Service Institute".
  • 2007 - On September 11, the Taipei Public Service Institute was renamed as the Department of Civil Servant Development, Taipei City Government.