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Priorities of the Administrative Plan of the Department of Civil Servant Development
1. Courses designed to help implement primary policies and teach various professional skills will be held to enhance civil servants’ competence and team execution ability to facilitate municipal development.
2. In order to nurture municipal management talent and improve the city’s competitiveness, we will strive to increase the competence of personnel at every level and enhance management training for female elites.
3. We will promote quality management with a comprehensive approach, including designing related courses, establishing a consultation system, and offering suggestions from field interviews to help city government agencies break through barriers in management development and improve their performance.
4. We provide city government personnel with diverse English learning channels and conduct overseas visits to learn from the experiences of other cities and to expand the trainees’ outlook on the world.
5. The Taipei e-Campus e-learning website will continue to develop itself as a shared platform for e-learning and knowledge management activities of the Taipei City Government. We aim to integrate all learning resources, so that municipal policies and civil servants’ key competencies can be appropriately preserved and utilized.
6. Through electronic media, new ideas and trends concerning municipal services will be disseminated to stimulate the creativity of city government personnel and raise the quality of municipal services.
7. We will continue to beautify the environment of the training facilities and decorate them with rich humanitarian elements to create a friendly and high quality environment that makes for easy learning.