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Department of Civil Servant Development, Taipei City Government Post-Pandemic Digital Transformation & Service Innovation ~ Stimulating City Transformation and Creating Unlimited Possibilities

  On October 29th, 2020, both the Department of Civil Servant Development and the Department of Information Technology of the Taipei City Government in collaboration with Easycard Corporation, organized a forum on the theme of “Post-Pandemic Digital Transformation & Service Innovation” to encourage the central and local governments and private enterprises to link with each other. At the same time, the live broadcast also allowed more colleagues to participate in the discussion on how to reinforce digital infrastructure and promote creative and smart services to bring competitiveness and vitality to Taipei and stimulate the power of urban transformation in the face of the New Normal of the post-pandemic era.
     Mr. Wen-Je KO, the Mayor of Taipei City, through the theme of “Post-Pandemic’s New Normal Insights and Transformation Deployment” from his perspective as a doctor and Mayor stated that in the short run, humankind is unable to stop the virus from affecting the society and under the impact of the pandemic, digital transformation is imperative. Taipei City has been active in digital construction and services for a long time. During the fight against the "pandemic," it has made use of technological solutions in advance deployment. The success of the fight against the pandemic has not only been confirmed by 86% of the public, but has also received positive reports in the foreign news media. In the future, the Taipei City Government will continue to promote cash-free transactions, low contact service and big data center in the future to strengthen future competitiveness and innovative actions through digital transformation.
     During the "Critical Digital Infrastructure - [Unhampered] Transformation session”, which was moderated by Chia-Kai LIU, CEO of Data Science Program, the Deputy Director of the Department of Information Management Office, National Development Council (NDC), Dr. Ming-Fen CHUANG, expressed, through the discussion, that to promote the autonomous use of personal data, the NDC has set up the “MyData Platform” to gradually return the right to personal data usufruct to the people themselves. Hsin-Ke LU, Director of the Department of Information Technology, Taipei City Government demonstrated how the City integrated personal identification to several municipal services to create the “TaipeiPASS”, bringing citizen services closer to the lives of the inhabitants and achieving a sense of well-being through Smart Taipei.
     In the session, themed "New Life Smart Service - Experience the [No Cash/No Limit] Potential", the CEO of 5% DESIGN ACTION, Mr. Kevin YANG, and KPMG Operations Director, Mr. Wei-Yen LAI, shared key ideas on digital transformation from the CEO's point of view in "Digital Transforming & New Life Blueprint". Chairman Ting-Ju CHEN of EasyCard Corporation said during the discussion that EasyWallet is a virtualization of EasyCard, making the wallet mobile and cloud-based, and building a new service value of living without cash. Finally, Mr. Chih- Ching LIN, Deputy General Manager of FamilyMart, shared that his company has been actively deploying the digital transformation by exploring consumer touchpoints and setting an innovative benchmark for member services. Besides, an empirical case study is also planned at the site to stimulate more creativity to face the new social patterns of post-pandemic lifestyle in the future.
     The outbreak of the pandemic is a crisis but, also, an opportunity to stimulate change. This in-depth experience-sharing and exchange will lead the Taipei City Government to continue moving in the right direction, to support digital transformation by building a quality digital environment, to sustain the development of the entire city with innovative thinking in the face of an ever-changing future and allowing more opportunities and possibilities to occur in Taipei.