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Municipal Services Plus Series Activities - "Long-Term Municipal Administration Class Forum" -- A face-to-face exchange between our management-level colleagues and the Deputy Mayor HUANG Shan-Shan

The Department of Civil Servant Development (hereinafter referred to as the Civil Training Development) organized the "Long-Term Municipal Administration Class Forum" on December 30th at 9:30 AM to promote the people-centered service spirit of the Taipei City Government (hereinafter referred to as "The Government") and establish the correct core values of the management-level staff. The Deputy Mayor, Huang Shan-Shan, was present in-person to exchange views with the management-level staff of the city government.
Nearly 200 students of the Government's long-term managerial class also participated in the forum.

The forum began with a scheduled keynote address on the theme of  "Creative Leadership and Team Integration" by Adjunct Professor Yu, Chih-Li of the Department of Public Administration, National Chengchi University and also Chair Professor of Shih Hsin University. Professor Yu used the two micro movies produced by Civil Training Development showcasing the Government's benchmark of "Leadership Commitment" and "Innovation Boldness" to guide colleagues to uphold their sense of mission and engagement to serving the community.

During the forum, Deputy Mayor Huang exhorted her colleagues of the Government to understand that honesty and integrity are the most important core values of this government, whenever a problem props up, questions must be asked. One must have the courage to speak the truth, be good-hearted and do his/her utmost best. Colleagues are the most important supervisors of this government. The cornerstone of governance cannot be stable at the top if the foundation is not solid. She hoped that the seriousness and hard work of her colleagues would be seen by the public and that they could be proud of their contributions. Finally, Deputy Mayor Huang urged everyone to continue making progress in the future, to serve the people, to innovate for the city, and to work together to build Taipei's vision of becoming a livable and sustainable city!