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Taipei City’s Post-pandemic Innovation with Gyeonggido

Taipei City’s Department of Civil Servant Development held an online seminar with the Human Resources Development Institute of Gyeonggido, Korea on October 28 under the theme “Change & Chance – Opportunity in the Time of Pandemic Crisis. With over 200 participants from both sides, the meeting was a fruitful event that demonstrated great creativity.

Commissioner Tom Chou from the Taipei City Department of Civil Servant Development commented that, while the pandemic prevention policies differs between Taiwan and Korea, both led to outstanding results overall. This online event aims to bring about better results for pandemic prevention and economic growth.

Yuki Huang, Chief Marketing Officer of KKday and the business representative on Taiwan’s side, shared how KKday adjusted its management tactics that cultivated more travel business, and let its business partners, such as airlines, five-star hotels and gift shops, share the benefit of kkday’s success.

The project manager of Taipei City Government’s digital transformation efforts is Secretary-general Chen Chih-Ming, who spoke on the “New Normal” way of life in a post-pandemic city. He emphasized that Taipei was able to curb the second wave of Covid-19 in May swiftly, while also being able to bolster its economy, mainly due to the policy of accelerating the digitalization of industries. However, he also warned of the challenges that awaits the city in 2022 – inflation and wealth inequality.

Director Seung-gwan Lim of the Gyeonggi Provincial Medical Center Ansung Hospital shared how the Gyeonggido Province increased its medical capacity through hardware upgrades and operational support. Associate Professor Seung-yun Lee from Konkuk University in Gyeonggido stressed the need for change under the global trend of industry digitalization.

Over half of the Global 500 companies of 2000 has disappeared under the pandemic. Currently, the five most valuable companies in the world are Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon. Roblox is the most popular online game among teenagers right now. On average, its users log on for 2.5 hours daily, well exceeding the time spent on YouTube and Instagram, which signals a more virtualized, digitalized future.

Commissioner Chou points out the importance of industrial digital transformation in a post-pandemic world. In the future, the Department of Civil Servant Development will work with the city government on its digitalization policies to provide high-quality digital programs, promote digital capability among staff, and embrace the post-pandemic challenges with the industry.