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The 2020 "Volunteer Conference" of the Department of Civil Servant Development ended successfully and in gratitude!

The Department of Civil Servant Development, Taipei City Government (hereinafter referred to as the Department) held its annual "Volunteer Conference" in Room B102 on the afternoon of April 30, 2020. Through this exchange platform, we can listen to the heartfelt voices of our volunteer partners and bring cohesion to our mutual friendship. In addition to announcing the results of the new year's election of the Commander and issuing certificates of appointment for the cadres, certificates of appreciation and small gifts were also awarded to the outgoing cadres and the top five volunteer partners in terms of hours of service, thanking them for their hard work in helping the Department in its operations.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Acting Director of the Department, LIN Fang-Ju thanked the volunteers for their efforts in supporting the operations of the Department, particularly in the context of the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, which had disrupted the operations of many an institution. Owing to the strong support of our partners, we can take the temperature of people entering the Department's premises daily to help to secure the safety of the site and has been a timely reminder for lecturers and students to wear masks. Attention is paid to the physical conditions of the students in the class, to maintain the safety of the classroom environment and reduce the impact of the operations of the Department. She also mentioned that the total number of volunteer service hours served in 2019 was over 11 000 hours, with more than 130, 000 people serving, an increase of 11% over 2018. The service produced a marked effect and a high appreciation by lecturers and students.

The philosophical value of our voluntary service is "care, cooperation, service, and pleasure" and therefore, our volunteer partners are always positive-going, helping one another, happy and harmonious in the team culture service to promote the Department's operations and provide excellent quality service. Finally, in a warm and touching vibe, our Department and volunteers took a group photo together to mark the perfect conclusion of this year's "Volunteer Conference".