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The Civil Service Training Office's "Long-Term Management Shifts Municipal Symposium" in the Second-Half of 2020--The Design of Public-Centered Municipal E-Services

To fulfill the mission of the Taipei City Government (hereafter referred to as the “Government”) of "serving the citizens and innovating for the City" and with the core values of "Honest Integrity, Integrity Teamwork, Innovation Excellence, Openness and Sharing", the Civil Service Training Office will hold the "Long-Term Management Shifts Municipal Symposium" at 2 pm on December 11th. Nearly 150 trainees from the Public Training Office, including the new Head of department-level Supervisory Training Class, the Middle-Level Management Capability Class, and the Grass-Roots Supervisor Seminar, returned to participate collectively. Through dialogue with the government officials, the management colleagues of the government were brought back to get acquainted with the importance of the government's core values, and then implement the government's governance concepts.
This seminar was moderated by Associate Professor Nai-Yi Hsiao, Department of Public Administration at National Chengchi University, who served as the Host. This placed our self-produced case microfilm- “Care for E up - Taipei Social Housing Management Service Cloud” as a case study for discussion during the seminar. The Head of the Government Residential Services Division, Urban Development Department, Chun-Chung Fan also invited the representatives of real estate companies, community residences, system operators, etc… to share issues that may be faced in the development of E-services. For example, resolving users' pain points service design, diminishing reduced information security and users’ risk concerns, strengthening cross-domain communication and coordination, and information data collection and implication while, also, promoting management decision quality, to make municipal services closer to our citizens’ lives. 
Ultimately, for the final comprehensive seminar, we invited Taipei City’s Secretary-General Chih-Ming Chen and departmental personnel to process and exchange seminar opinions. Chen expected colleagues to strengthen their inter-office cooperation, utilize E-management to enhance effective service quality. Also, Chen advised colleagues to exert creativity, change service mentality, together providing excellent service to cater to the needs of different disadvantaged groups. By showing empathy to promote and to provide quality service to the citizens, with the core values of the government in the spirit of citizen-centered quality service, and under the administrative Heads’ claim of official service enthusiasm for the integrity of government, the citizens can trust the government and can rely on its team.  
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