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Buildings of Area B and Area E

The Department of Civil Servant Development, Taipei City Government, is located in the Wenshan District, next to the Wanfang Community. Situated on high ground, the DCSD is known for its great view and fresh air. Staying at the DCSD takes one away from hectic urban life, providing tranquility and a spiritual paradise – ideal for soul searching, studying and socializing.


The site area measures 49,468 square meters, and the construction area measures 28,092 square meters. The exquisitely-designed, people-friendly building, with plenty of modern educational and recreational facilities, is a multi-functional learning space. 

Main Entrance

                                                Main Entrance

Multi-purpose Building                 Garden

           Multi-purpose Building                                                  Garden

Assembly Ground                 Classroom Building and Parking Lot

              Assembly Ground                              Classroom Building and Parking Lot