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  • Civil Servant Education and Training Program

The Department of Civil Servant Development (DCSD) provides two types of classroom courses: the Administration Series and Development Series. The Administration Series offers training in the professional skills required by agencies, thereby boosting public servants’ work efficiency and improving their ability to better execute the major policies of the Taipei City Government; the Development Series introduces various management skills. Lecturers here at DCSD work tirelessly to make their courses engaging, and teach with both theory and practice. The design of the curricula is carried out systematically, focusing on actual participation, shared experience and multi-directional communication to spark participants' interest and to help them learn through close cooperation with fellow classmates. 

  • Online Learning

Since "Taipei e-Campus" was launched in August 2001, we have revolutionized training methods within government agencies. The website features e-learning programs specifically designed to meet the needs of civil servants, and provides citizens with online learning opportunities. Courses cover six major areas: management, information technology, languages, public service, humanities and vocational education. Taipei e-Campus also features an online community named "We-learning", which offers a forum for the participants of Taipei e-Campus to share their opinions on a range of topics.

  • Venue Rental

A number of places are available for lease whenever they are not occupied by trainees. Please note that only government agencies, schools and organizations are eligible to rent these places, and these facilities can only be used for educational/training activities. Agencies and schools that are under the jurisdiction of Taipei City Government have priority for the rental services. For more information, please dial: (886 2) 2932-0210~3.

Classroom Training

  • Course/Forum for Cultivating Cultural Sensitivity

To reinforce staff members’ cultural sensibility at work, DCSD designed the “Special Topics on Cultivating Cultural Sensitivity” course, which has been offered since 2003. This course is offered at least twice a year. Topics discussed in class include?“internationalization of the capital”,?“international marriages”, “understanding the role of female immigrants”, “policies and regulations on immigration”, “the circumstances that confront females in Taiwan”, and “round-table discussion with female immigrants”.