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What kind of online courses are provided by Taipei e-Campus?

Taipei e-campus currently offers six main course categories, including public service, language learning, information technology, management, humanities and vocational education.
For detailed course information, please visit the Taipei e-campus website at https://elearning.taipei(Chinese) and refer to “Course Map” and “Course Lists”.

1. Public Service
    - Legal Knowledge
    - Professional Competence
2. Language Learning
    - Daily Applications
    -Workplace Applications
    - Language Certifications
3. Information Technology
    - IT Introduction
    - Software Applications
4. Management
    - Organization Operation
    - Management Functions
    - Personal Development
    - Public Issues
5. Humanities
    - Family Education
    - Humanities and Art
    - Legal and Finance
    - Life Education
    - Nature and Science
    - Medical Healthcare
6. Vocational Education
    - Maintenance Training
    - Culinary Art
    - Home Science & Cosmetology