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DCSD assisted the Government in promoting its gender equality work and was honored by the 17th Jinxin Award for Gender Equality Innovation of the Executive Yuan

DCSD is actively assisting the Government in promoting gender equality work by offering a wide range of online courses on gender equality through the E-Learning website, Taipei e-Campus for members to choose from, and conducting online courses on gender equality promotion activities in conjunction with the "Happy learning at Taipei e-Campus" Facebook fan page. Civil servants and the public are encouraged to learn online in order to promote their concept of gender equality and to implement gender equality in work and life. Since it is highly effective, they have been highly recommended by the Government. They have co-sponsored proposals with the local government's Facebook fan page to have a say in public affairs such as the Taipei FB and other new self-media joint proposal. Under the theme of "Creating self-media, promoting the new realm of Gender Equality", we participated in the "Executive Yuan's Deal with Municipality and County (City) Governments to Push for Gender Equality Professional Work Guidance Incentive Plan 2018 ". The positive initiatives were well received and we were rewarded with the 17th Jinxin Award for Gender Equality Innovation of the Executive Yuan and on April 24th, 2019, the Department's Acting Director, Ms. LIN Fang-Ju received the award in a ceremony organized by the Executive Yuan.