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Activities for the Municipal Service PLUS have started

In order to implement the core values of our mission to "serve the public, innovate for the city" and "honesty and integrity, teamwork, innovation excellence and open sharing", the priority task should be to start with "optimizing" municipal services and to demonstrate the spirit of service that is citizen-centered at all times. This is further rooted in the work and heart of every city government's employees. Therefore, in 2019, the Department planned the "Municipal Service PLUS Training Program" to further develop the core values of the Government and shape the Department into a "service-oriented" team with corporate culture as core values.

The corporate culture must first re-establish the common values of the group and unite the team's coherence. This forum invites the city government's leading team to participate together to demonstrate that the supervisors will serve as the examples for the employees by establishing the common values and actively participating in its practice.

In addition to the personal participation of the Mayor in the event, Mr. Chou, Chun-Chi, Chairman of Sinyi Realty also gave a keynote address on the theme of "The Power of Corporate Culture". Chairman Chou shared the specific strategies for promoting corporate culture and corporate governance. During the General session, in addition to the Mayor and Chairman Chou, the Editor-in-chief of EMBA Magazine, Ms. Fang, Su-Hui was invited to act as the moderator. Moreover, Mr. Wang, Chih-Cheng, Chief Human Resource Officer at E.SUN Commercial Bank shared an expose on the Key to the Success of Corporate Culture Shaping and the Organizational System.

 This time, we will learn from the experiences and practices of enterprises that have built up corporate culture and conducted cross-industry exchange learning. We hope to provide the leading municipal cadres with the ability to guide the cultural energy of enterprises in the city and to change its determination to accelerate the government's business process reengineering and innovation. Hence, moving the city forward and realizing the ideal path of a glorious city.